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So you're looking for a website eh? Well look no further than graphicsmonkey.net. My name is Kenny and I have been designing websites for almost 10 years. I offer many web site design services for any starting or existing business.

I started basic coding back in September 2002 when I was living in San Diego, CA. I didn’t know too much about web coding yet aside from opening up a html editor and tossing in some pictures and text. But over the years I have learned many important web design techniques. I went from knowing a little html to an extensive understanding of html, xhtml, css, php, JavaScript, and other languages. Most of my programming is now done through trusty notepad as I feel hand coding a website takes away the laziness and makes coding more fun.

Aside from website design, I also have a background in graphic design. When I first moved to San Diego, CA. I was looking for Graphic Design jobs. I had an AS degree in Graphic Design and was eager to find some work. But I soon realized that websites were what everyone needed. My new clients may have needed a logo or graphic designed, but in the end, they wanted a website to display their info and services on the internet. So that was my entry into the world of website development.

Now I am here in the Bay Area and offering San Francisco website design. If you would like to schedule a consultation feel free to call me at 858-688-6056 or visit my contact page to fill out my online form. Even if you are not in the area we can still work something out. Website design can be done from any computer connected to the internet. I hope to hear from you soon.

Also if you have some time, I have some website design tips in the sidebar to the right that are from my blog. Feel free to read through them. They offer many good ideas that you may want to know before you begin planning out your own website.




From the Blog!

Multiple domain names can damage SEO

Multiple Domain names

I have seen on many occasions over my years of website development, clients who insist on purchasing multiple domain names in the hopes that their website will appear in search engines more often.

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Should you switch your site to CSS?

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are files that control the visual appearance of your website. These files are used to control the font size, font color, background color, background images, many other attributes. Although they do function...

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Why validate your website

valid html

An important step in creating a website is to make sure you are writing valid code. When you take the time to write valid code, you ensure your website will function properly for anyone who may visit. A great way to check if your website code is proper, is to validate.

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