This page contains a random sampling of items that I can add to a website. It contains flash, javascript, php, and other applications. The list is ongoing and I will be adding to it regularly. All items open up in a serapate frame. To exit them just click the close box or simply click outside the frame

Custom Video Player

Custom video players can be handy if someone wishes to avoid YouTube and host their video files locally.

Elements used: JW player, custom video encoding, and HTML coding.

→  click here for sample

Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are perfect for real estate listings, restaurants and bars, attractions, museums, and much more.

Elements used: JavaScript, Flash, Panoweaver, Tourweaver, Photography, and HTML coding.

→ click here for sample

Custom PHP Image Gallery

A PHP image gallery that creates thumbnails automatically and randomized the images upon every load. Can be be custom taylored for any needs.

Elements used: PHP, CSS, and HTML coding.

→ click here for sample


Much like reading a real magazine, an emagazine mimics looks and functions like the real thing.

Elements used: Flash and actionScript.

→ click here for sample

From the Blog!

Flash can be bad for your website

Flash does has its purposes in the web development world. It allows a whole level of interactivity for web viewers than basic html and css. When used correctly, it can spice up a website and make it more appealing. But when used incorrectly....

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Should you switch your site to CSS?

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are files that control the visual appearance of your website. These files are used to control the font size, font color, background color, background images, many other attributes. Although they do function...

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Multiple domain names can damage SEO

Multiple Domain names

I have seen on many occasions over my years of website development, clients who insist on purchasing multiple domain names in the hopes that their website will appear in search engines more often.

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