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Graphics Monkey did an outstanding job with our website. Our old website did not generate any sales leads. With the new website designed by Kenny, we receive several inquiries each month from companies worldwide. Our hit rate increased over a 1000%. Now companies can find my company on Google and other search engines. I even dropped the Google ads that were costing over $1,000 and were not bringing any sales. The process to work with Kenny was very easy and fast. He offers a great value deal for small companies. You will get your money back in the first few sales. I highly recommend Graphics Monkey to create your new website. You will get a great value and excellent service.

Juan Munoz
Microbiology & Quality Associates, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern,

I have had the opportunity to work with Kenny McHoes on several projects over the last four years.

Kenny is always the first call I make whenever I need any help with web design. He has always done an outstanding job. The web design has always been what I feel to be “state of the art”. He has an excellent work ethic, and has always met the determined design goal on time, and on budget. Kenny speaks my language, and can talk to me in non-technical terms which are a plus. He has always understood my needs and takes the time to help me develop the best possible site within my budget. I look at Kenny as a member of my internet team, someone that is there when I need him.

If you need a website to help drive new business, then call Kenny. I did and have always been pleased with the results.

Richard B. Fialho III

We have used and trusted Kenneth McHoes for over 6 years now for all of our business websites. He is very creative and helpful with all our website designs. Kenneth has designed at least 10 websites for us and they are all fantastic with everything we asked for and more. We would highly recommend Mr. McHoes to anyone that wants a professional website design at a very reasonable price.

Michael J. Reminger
Senior Consultant
Help You With Your Debt
Pacific Debt Management

I am very pleased with the professionalism that Kenny delivered on designing and engineering my two web pages. He was very good at listening to me and following my blue prints and added some great ideas to enhance my dream sites! I will use him in the near future and recommend him to my closest friends for quality, professional website design!!

thank you Kenny! :)

Rich Morrison

Graphics Monkey hooked my company up with a website that has movement and is eye catching. While working with Kenny on the setup all my needs were met quickly and I was able to have the site up and functioning quickly no problems, operating since 2004.

Thanks Graphics Monkey!

John Pearsol
Hampton PC

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